Wedding Bouquets


For my Winter wedding, I wanted a theme of pink and silver. Do not ask me why.  That being said, it is not easy to find pink in the dead of winter. God lead me to the right places at the right times to find what I needed for my wedding crafts. He is so good.

How I made my bouquets is a long process of gluing, cutting and sparkling ha ha.

How did I  want us to look standing in front of our closest friends and family confessing our love and devotion for each other?  Last year around this time, I remember taking quite a large of time and thought (like I said, dead of winter) to develop a plan that would make mostly me happy, but also the Bridal party. The wedding day is about the bride after all. 😉 Eventually, I chose that I wanted the guys’ look to be opposite the groom and the girls’ look opposite the bride. 🙂  The bridesmaids all had white bouquets with pink accents, whereas mine was all pink with my white dress. Additionally, I chose to color the pine cones on the Maid of honor’s bouquet silver like mine, so she could be differentiated.

We did not have a ring bearer, so around her bouquet, was my fiance’s wedding band tied with a silver ribbon.

The supplies I used are as follows:

download (1)
Cinnamon-Scented Pinecones from Michael’s
download (2)
Hot Glue Gun
download (3)
Hot Glue Gun Sticks from the Dollar Store
download (4)
Large Black Hair Clip
Floral Tape from Michael’s
images (1)
Lightweight Coil Wire
images (2)
images (3)
Silver Stick-on Embellishments from the dollar store
images (4)
White Baby’s Breath from Michael’s
images (5)
Pre=made Peony Bouquets from Wal-mart
Four Rolls of Silver Ribbon from Michael’s
Silver Glitter from the Dollar Store
download (5)
White Glue from Staples