Who Do You Want To Be?

Good morning!

As a 17-year-old, I was so sensitive.  Quoting the Bible, I learned to “put away childish things”.  I learned through means of heartache, choosing to prefer the best path and listening to advice of people I trust… that particular people cannot join me on my new adventure.  Why?

We need to decide to grow into who God has called us to be. Sometimes, that means growing faster than others… or even being ridiculed for doing so… mainly from poor-minded people. Yes, I have had disagreements with certain family and friends about my faith.  But, who keeps their integrity?  I do.  Who turns to the God in me when they need it?  They do.  A sad truth, but a truth nonetheless.  That being said:  Keep the people who may doubt you in prayer, and be led when to talk.  Do not “cast your pearl before swine”.  Family and friends included.  Is it easy?  No.  It is human compassion/habitual tendencies that triggers us to want to keep those who may hurt us, around us.  We might think we are helping them, but mostly, we are hurting them.

What does it mean to cast your pearl before swine?  That means that just because you have the answer to someones problem, does not mean that the person is going to accept it with open arms and understand.  A pig is not going to know what the value of a pearl is when you give one to it.  (It’s better to be led as to what to say, than to say the wrong thing and have to repent or even worse, offend someone else.)

Fun fact:  No one will ever please every individual they come in contact with.  Leave the liars, the cheaters and the doubters out of your blessings.  Pray for them continually.  Poor-minded people are judgmental and don’t want others to succeed.  So continue to be a better person than you were yesterday and move on.  Spiritual success does not simply allow you to keep the same mindset.  We go from glory to glory and that might not make everyone happy.

Want to have spiritual success and develop into a nature believer?  Get into His Word.  Find out the we are more than conquerors. Look at what God says you are in His Word (You can find many examples here , here and here).  We are a united people with a heart for others:  a people who Jesus died for.  A people who God empowered to thrive in the culture of boldness, even when we are afraid.  A people who God sees successful, even when they feel like a failure.  How are we supposed to help and save the lost… when we don’t see ourselves as God see us?  How are we to grow without knowing who we are in Christ?

As a body of believers, it is our mandate to be poured into, teach ourselves and then release His word. Boldly. Be an example, always.


God made us in His image. If we choose to spend more time with people who don’t believe that, we are giving our attention more to the Devil’s works than God’s Word. How do we still reach out to those hurting more than most? We show them God’s ability. If He can do it for me… he can save, restore, repair your heart, mind, body, bank account and forgive your childish ways in a SECOND. He’s the Healer, the Provider, the Delieverer, the Beginning and the End.

Why watch people go through life more successful than you and be envious? You are successful through Christ. You can find out your calling and run with it. You have the Power available to you to cast all the old behind and begin new.  Start with changing your surroundings.