Two Things People First Judge You On

Article:  What Experts Say People First Judge You On

Before you read through this blog post, please read the above article from Yahoo Finance.  Be prepared, the title will be spoiled here soon. (You are sitting on the edge of your seat, aren’t you?)

Turns out that people ask two questions to themselves upon first meeting you.

  • Can I trust this person?
  • Can I respect this person?

After pondering the two questions and considering my own interactions with people I first meet, I would ABSOLUTELY agree with Harvard Psychologist, Ms. Amy Cuddy. Our world runs on trust and respect.

Think about it… what do we want most as a selfish human being in this world?  To be accepted. That includes your family, co-workers, spouse and the general public. We want to be wanted. How are we going to achieve mutual acceptance without a respect/ trust factor involved?

It only takes someone a few seconds to make a first judgement.  How are we coming across?

First Impressions Article

When we go about gaining someone’s trust we want to posses warmth.  In a job interview, where most times you are meeting someone new for the first time, you want the interviewer to trust you so that they will evaluate you in a good light. If you are not seen in a good light, but have all the credentials, what chance do you have in obtaining the job?  On the other hand, bragging to the interviewer on how smart you are upon first meeting can sometimes cause disrespect. The knowledge and wisdom you have may become a “one-up” rather than a benefit to their company.  Sometimes, only having the brain for the job, comes across as not having the personality needed to keep it.

Ms. Amy Cuddy has released a book called “Presence”, detailing how we can become more confident as a people.  I believe her book, Presence, is for everyone.

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