Pulling Up My Reading Socks


Lately, I have been watching plently of YouTube.  I mean PLENTY. I watch just about anything:   tutorials, top ten facts, Let’s Plays, people with oddities, Vloggers, makeup swatching, cat videos, Vines… Comedians.  Have you ever been there? it’s a rabbit hole of endless hours of wasted time (usually).

Needless to say, a large bookshelf my husband and I purchased for our bedroom has collected a lot of dust; Too much, in fact. Our bookcase contains mostly Christian Books or College Textbooks, both of which I should be reading regularly.  Don’t get me wrong, I often read articles online about my profession and about Christian principles, but I miss the comfort of a book.

Maybe I’m “old school”, but I used to love curling up in my bed or the couch with a good book when I was a younger. Is curling up with my tablet and online articles the same?  Is an audio book the same? Regardless, It’s time to pull up my reading socks, with whichever reading avenue I choose.

Firstly, starting with books I yet to finish.  Books I intended on completing, but something “always” got in the way. Then, I would like to pursue reading books I purchased with intent of reading.

Many of the books I am going to mention below, were purchased while I was away at a Mission’s Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.  My suitcase was HEAVY, but my heart was full.  The conference had AMAZING deals on many Inter-varsity Press Titles. (Shout out to my IVCF friends).

On that note, I’d like to share a few titles with you.


Let me know…. what are you reading?

Books I need to finish


Books I have yet to read


BONUS:  Books I have read and enjoyed