What Vitamins Do I Take?


If you are someone who strives towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle, you might take vitamins.  Why?  Because you know you can gain much benefit for your individual bodies’ needs by taking vitamins.  Also, do we really eat EVERYTHING our body needs on a consistent basis?  Most of us do not. (Tell me if  you do.  I want to know your secrets, ha-ha.)

I wanted to share with you the vitamins I take on a regular basis, and why I do so.

First Vitamin I take religiously is Evening Primrose Oil.  A complete list of benefits can be found here.

  • I take one 1000 mg soft gel capsule, three times daily.  I used to take six 500 mg capsules, and recently switched to 1000s.
  • The ONLY method of acne clearing that has worked for me on a long-term basis is this vitamin.  I tried antibiotics, cutting dairy, proactive, ANY cleanser product you can name, DIY methods with aspirin masks, honey, baking soda, toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide, charcoal, lemon juice, egg etc…  Even on “the Pill” has not cleared the breakouts.  If you have skin issues, PLEASE give this a try.  You will not be disappointed.  (As always, consult your doctor first).

Second vitamin I take religiously is Biotin.  Biotin is well-known in the beauty world for strengthening your hair, smoothing/brightening your skin, and hardening your nails. I started on the biotin train when I became engaged.  I had relatively short hair and brittle nails that needed some TLC.  Biotin helped to rejuvenate my nails and softened/ lengthened my hair for the BIG DAY.

  • I take a 1000 mcg dosage, in a white un-coated pill form, once a day.  You can find biotin in a variety of formulas. From gummies, to pills and even drops.  Biotin is sometimes added to shampoos, but the effectiveness is questionable.  In food, Biotin can be found in nuts, whole grains etc…  More information on Biotin available here.

The four remaining vitamins are vitamins I take on a non-regular basis. I take them when I see symptoms flare or something to that effect.

  1. Cranberry – I take triple strength Cranberry concentrate soft gel capsules about twice a week (or when I’m on my period) to help prevent UTIs.  More information on Cranberry available here.
  2. Zinc – When I see cold symptoms flare up, I’ll take a 50 mcg tablet of Zinc steadily until the cold goes away.  Zinc is an immune system booster/ improves overall health.  More information on Zinc available here.
  3. An organic women’s daily vitamin – I take this when I am feeling tired, or have been not been eating much meat or meat alternatives. This vitamin does contain iron and MUST be taken on a full stomach or with a large meal.  You can purchase many kinds of multi vitamins in many types of forms. I chose an organic multi vitamin with iron in a capsule form.
  4. Vitamin C – Once in a while I will take a couple Vitamin C capsules if I have not been eating my greens or fruitas often as I’d like to be.  More information on Vitamin C available here.

Hopefully you found this information interesting!  What Vitamins do you take?