Birthday Thankfulness


Today is my birthday, (*shh*…  don’t tell anyone), my 24th to be exact.  Normally I take the day to spend time with my family and reflect on my life.  How about you? Do you have a birthday tradition?  Instead of going on and on about today’s events, I’d like to share with you 24 things I am thankful for… in honor of turning 24.


  1.  Jesus Christ in me, the hope of glory.
  2.  My immediate family, who love and support me continually.  (Seriously, you guys are the best.)
  3.  My wonderful Husband and his amazing family.
  4.  The breath in my lungs in which provide me with life.
  5.  Healthfulness in my body and mind.
  6.  Center Point Victory Church and it’s Pastors, for more than you’ll ever know.
  7.  Our pet kitty, Milo, for the joy and love he brings to our home.
  8.  Our beautiful home that God provided to us for shelter and comfort.
  9.   My closest friends, who can make me laugh until I cry and understand my oddities.
  10.   Melissa and Kaylee, my closest girl friends, who understand me and love me anyways.  🙂 ❤
  11.  Undertone, my husband’s Recording Studio business.
  12.   Saint John:  because you are lovely and picturesque and I love living in you.
  13.   Canada:  for making me feel safe since birth and being a better country to live in than many others I can think of.
  14.  The camera I have been blessed to use for my new hobby.
  15.  Adventure.
  16.  My job, even though I have to tell myself this sometimes.
  17.  That I can be/am a help to others in need.
  18.  That I am given opportunities to try new things every year.  (This year I —  ran a 5K, celebrated our first Wedding Anniversary, saved a wild baby animal, became a head over Young Adults Ministry, tented at a campground, grew a veggie garden, and more…)
  19.  Skills – that I am a “jack of all trades” person and do not exclusively excel in one area.
  20.  College education.
  21.  New music, and the joys that come with new albums from my favorite artists.
  22.  Good food with friends.
  23.  Nature– in any form.
  24.  Pinterest:  for your unending ideas and inspiration.