Happy Times

  1. Hiking in the woods with my Husband; joking around and taking in the cool air.

  2. Heading out into our garden with my black rubber boots and tools in hand to tend to the herbs and vegetables I grow for my family.

  3. Doing just about anything at Harding’s Point Campground with friends.

  4. Roasting marshmallows over an open fire while friendships are made between strangers.

  5. The freedom of attending a church where you can cry and open the deep dark wounds of life, while people surround you with love and comfort in the process.

  6. Laughing with your best friend until you are both crying and hiccuping.

  7. Laying on our couch in a cozy blanket, with my head nuzzled gently into my husband’s neck.

  8. Spending quality time with my Mother-in-Law; talking about life, love and how good our Creator is.

  9. Travelling this world we live in with those I love and being in awe of just how beautiful this Earth and it’s Creator are.

  10. Watching a full sunset envelop the sky and fade today’s cares away.