About Me


Good day,

For those of you who may have stumbled upon this website and are thinking, “Who IS this person posting about the best music I have ever heard, interesting photography and wisdom from great Philosophers?”

Firstly, writing is a simple, but important hobby of mine.  It helps me to grow and develop my vocabulary.  Writing is also relaxing and therapeutic for my mind.  In the early stages, I never intended for any compositions to be available on the web.  In fact, the reason stems from a writing class I took in Grade 12.  The trial and error writing process caused me to waste too much paper, thus pressing the need for a space/tree-saving strategy.

VOILA!  My blog was birthed.

Lastly,  my mission of this blog is to provide you with a small amount of insight into my life through writing about dreams, late night thoughts that keep me awake and maybe a personal experience here and there.  Maybe.

Other things about me:

  • College Graduate (2013) with a Diploma in Executive Office Administration.
  • Happily married to the love of my life, Adam. (Musician, Teacher and Technology Extraordinaire)
  • Photographer – a hobby and now side business!  Check me out here.
  • Young Adults Leader – not much to say about this other than God is good.  I strive to educate young adults on the importance of making the right choices to give them more direction as they travel through one of the toughest time in their lives–Young Adulthood. Creating strong relationships is important at this age.
  • Media Leader – I work with a team of cool people to manage our Church’s Social Media through means of advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and our website. I capture event photos for the church as well as run sound, audio engineering software and manage the Sunday morning services with my team. In addition I create/ update the Church Bulletin for Sundays and manage our Streaming services.


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